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Thursday, 17 February 2011

New York Cittaaaay

I'm hugely excited as next month I'm going to be jetting off to NYC, and also spending a couple of days in Philadelphia.

It's been five years since I was last in 'The Big Apple', and I was lucky enough to turn 16 there treating myself to my first Dooney and Bourke bag in the process :D There's going to be so much more for me to see and do this time around - I just can't wait!

I've made a list of museums, galleries,and shops I want to visit, and a few trips I want to do but I'm always looking for suggestions, so if anyone has any please give me a shout :)

My main concerns at the moment (clotheswise) are finding a dress for a family friend's wedding which will be happening when I'm over there, I really have no idea what style to go for...I'm thinking something classy and chic that I can wear again... I also need a suitable coat to wear around NYC...either a trench, mac or a cape...decisions, decisions!

Here are my faves so far:

This one is from Warehouse at ASOS, I really love the scallop detail, it has a vintage look about it.

This dress is from Coast, again on ASOS. I love the frilly details, but I'm not sure about the colour.

So far I've only really narrowed out the colour white/cream, as I don't fancy upstaging the bride!

Will keep you posted when I eventually find the one, but I've still got an array of accessories to choose from too...eek!


  1. Those dress are just beautiful ;)

  2. Great pick and adorable blog! : ) xxx

  3. ooh how exciting! i have loads of weddings coming up this year including my sister's where i'll be maid of honour (eek!) so i understand your outfit stress, hehe.
    still, your trip sounds like a wonderful excuse for shopping, it might be cutting it a bit close but maybe you'll find something over there?

  4. Definitely visit the Met such a fantastic museum. Also, if you love french inspired cafes visit: Cafe D’Alsace

  5. NYC is amazing, i hoe you have the time of your life. do you know what part of NYC you are staying at? if so i can tell you some cool places!


  6. I like the first dress :) You must go to The Best Chocolate Cake In The World on Spring Street. It's a cliche name but it's the truth. And shopping at LF in Soho ! and if it's a warm day, relax in Central Park @ Shepards Field :) love your blog thank for your comment !


  7. love the second dress more!! something about it...



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