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Monday, 26 July 2010

-Paisley love-

I attempted to take a few snaps of one of my new fave dresses, from Topshop. It has such floaty sleeves, and I love the colour. I decided to pair it with a really bold paisley patterned pair of tights I've had for a few seasons now from H&M.

Anyway, it's pretty hard to get a decent full length shot of onesself - so apologies for that!

"But You will carry on until the day you are done. You will never know when to stop. You'll carry on until you're dead and you drop. You will carry on until you're dead and you drop. You overdid it doll..."

Sunday, 18 July 2010

I can do that...

Admittedly, I've neglected my blogging to focus on earning some pennies lately! But promise to keep updating as much as possible! I've put this video up here because, The 'heads rock my socks, and I think they'll rock yours too. Well worth a listen :)

finally managed to take a (small) step onto a career in fashion - retail.

I was really chuffed to be given a lot of freedom with setting up displays of shoes we had on terms of style, colour, size etc... Really gave me a chance to show my creative side as well as my knowledge on shoes!! I do think Carrie Bradshaw would have been proud :)

I'm proud of myself at the mo for putting my mind to new exciting challenges, and it goes to show that if you really put your mind to something you can do it... hence the appropriateness of the song :D

Saturday, 3 July 2010

Just like honey.

"Listen to the girl, as she takes on half the world. Moving up and so alive, in her honey dripping beehive..."
I wasn't at all surprised to see that the beehive is set to be the hottest hair do this Autumn.

So long as one stays away from the grotty Winehouse-esque mess or the tacky barnet of Bet Lynch, the beehive can look super sophisticated and glam (as pictured here on the runway at the Prada fall/winter show).

To achieve an impressive beehive, extensions may come in handy - as natural hair is probably gonna look a little lacklustre. But don't go overboard like these two lovely ladies :)

Voluminous hair has been a staple look on and off the catwalk for a few seasons now, and with the introduction of a nifty wee gadget - the (poorly named) 'bumpit' - it's simple to create BIG hair at home.

It's probably fair to say that big hair hasn't ever really gone out of fashion. Thinking along the lines of Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's which was almost FIFTY years ago... Ms Hepburn's do is effortlessly chic and will never date.

So, big hair is here to stay, perhaps for another fifty years? Who knows?!

Now, pass me my hairspray and a comb... I've got some serious back combing to do!