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Thursday, 9 June 2011

Long time, no blog - part quatre

Being an avid SATC fan, we just had to spend an afternoon in Greenwich Village Carrie Bradshaw style!
We visited her iconic steps, and bought cupcakes from one of the show's hotspots - The Magnolia Bakery :)

The cupcakes were amazing, so creamy and adorable to look at! We sat in a park to much them whilst lapping up the sunshine, and sipping iced lattes. Delish.

Whilst on Bleecker, I popped into the Lulu Guinness store, Ralph Lauren, Marc Jacobs and Mulberry gawping at the things I couldn't afford...

I layered up with an h&m blazer, cardigan from Forever 21, lacy top from h&m, and a camisole from ASOS.

My handbag is an old faithful bought on my last trip to NYC - from Dooney and Bourke :)

Also wearing Uggs for comfort, and aviators from h&m.

I had a vanilla cupcake with vanilla frosting, covered in pretty little sprinkles. So sweet.

yum yum yum!! xoxo


  1. Love your pictures and your beautiful smile. Looking forward to seeing more!! :)

  2. I love New York, one of my favourite places for sure! And I love Magnolia bakery...yes it's over done, but it's a classic!

    Alexandra xo

  3. Yummy, those cupcakes look delicious!!
    Thanks for commenting my blog!!

  4. How awesome to visit all those great SATC sites, I've always wanted to go and see the steps but had no idea where they were! Great shots, and that cupcake looks delish!

  5. I haven't been to NYC for years, and this post is making me miss it so much- particularly that gorgeous little cupcake from Magnolia bakery. Oh, to be Carrie for a day... :)

  6. oh my god, you went to carrie's steps! so many great scenes on those steps :)
    loving your travels posts & pictures x

  7. I know, every time I watch SATC now and see those steps, I sigh and wish I was back in NYC.... xoxo


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